FLSA Lawsuit Informational Meeting w/Attorneys (October 22, 2014)

On Wednesday, October 22, 2014, Attorneys Greg McGillivary & Reid Coploff of the Washington, D.C. based law firm Woodley & McGillivary will be in McAllen, Texas to meet with members and provide them with information regarding the lawsuit that is being filed on behalf of members of the National Border Patrol Council (Re: FLSA Lawsuit for unpaid pre-shift work time and other pay violations). The attorneys will be on hand from 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm to explain the lawsuit and to answer any questions that members may have. Please take this opportunity to meet with them, as they will only be here on that date, so feel free to stop by to get more information:


FLSA Lawsuit Informational Meeting w/Attorneys

October 22, 2014 (Wednesday)

5:30 pm – 9:00 pm (anytime in between)

Holiday Inn Express & Suites McAllen

1921 S. 10th Street

McAllen, Texas 78503


The lawsuit is being filed in federal court to recover overtime pay for unpaid work time. There will be two lawsuits: one will cover canine handlers and instructors and the other will cover non-canine border patrol agents. In the lawsuits, we will seek compensation for unpaid work time performed by border patrol agents and canine handlers including, but not limited to, pre-shift work, off-the-clock work performed at home, underreported AUO hours, and off-the-clock canine care time. Joining the lawsuit costs you nothing. The law firm is being paid on a contingency fee basis of 25 percent of the money they recover. This means that if the case is not successful, you will not owe the attorneys anything.


The law firm of Woodley & McGillivary has extensive experience and success in recovering pay for federal workers, including cases on behalf of border patrol agents to recover FLSA pay, hazardous duty pay, and AUO. They have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of border patrol agents and we are confident that in this lawsuit they will recover the monies of which the canine handlers and other agents have been unlawfully deprived.


The National Border Patrol Council is supporting this lawsuit, because we believe that the Agency has committed extensive violations of the law that have led to agents nationwide losing pay. YOU MUST BE A UNION MEMBER TO SIGN UP FOR THE LAWSUIT.