RGV Sector Shift Bid Update (June 2017)

The RGV Sector Shift Bid Poll ended on June 24, 2017. The final results are posted below and will remain in effect through the implementation of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

BRP / HRL / LECAs opted-out of the Shift Bid MOU.

KIN Border Patrol Station (6-month rotation)
MCS Border Patrol Station (4-month rotation)
CCT / WSL / RGC / FLF / FTB Border Patrol Stations (3-month rotation)


Shifts will be staffed based on seniority and the application of the MOU. In other words, there is no arbitrary number set that will dictate how many senior / junior agents can be assigned to shifts. All agents will be placed according to the MOU.

Approved Annual Leave will not affect placement on a shift. All annual leave will remain at the current allowable levels for any given time period. Annual Leave will not be canceled due to the shift bid; however, in the event that management must temporarily backfill a position on a shift due to annual leave, solicitations will be made for a change of shift and offered to volunteers, prior to any mandated changes to cover the loss of personnel due to approved annual leave.

Canine Handlers and EMT’s will be designated as agents with specialized training in accordance with Section VI (E) of the MOU, which states in pertinent part, “Management reserves the right to place agents with specialized training, skills, and certifications where needed, based on the needs of the Agency.”

Shift swaps will continue to be granted in accordance with the CBA (nothing changes). Section IV (E) of the MOU states, “Shift swaps may be requested at any time, consistent with the Collective Bargaining Agreement.”

The shift bid process will be managed by three employees from each station participating in the shift bid.
1 Management Official
1 Union Official
1 DMT Member