Statement by RGV 3307 Spokesman in response to Mexico condemning RGV BPA’s

The Government of Mexico is quick to condemn, yet fail to police their own people. Border Patrol Agents were not at fault for the incident on April 19,2015, when a watercraft darted in front of a Border Patrol vessel without warning, causing several injuries.

Our agents, as well as other law enforcement entities came under attack by Mexican Nationals throwing large rocks, attempting to hinder the rescue effort. The Government of Mexico fails to recognize much less condemn this.  Furthermore, the Government of Mexico fails to hold their citizens accountable.

The Government of Mexico is taking the easy way out by pointing fingers rather than working to ensure the safety of their citizens.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all, both Mexican Nationals and Border Patrol Agents,involved and wish for speedy recoveries.

It is disheartening that the Government of Mexico has not expressed concern for the heath of our agents.

Chris Cabrera
Vice President
National Border Patrol Council
Local 3307