RGV “Journeyman” Training

The Union has received inquiries regarding the possibility of false, improper and coercive statements, guidance and directives being made by presenters at the RGV Sector “Journeyman” Training that is being held on an ongoing basis at RGV HQ’s. We will be submitting requests for the information that is being presented to bargaining unit employees in order to ensure that the information is factual and backed by law, policy and/or regulation. In order to ensure that your rights are protected and that you are not subjected to unnecessary liability (civil & criminal), it is imperative that you make contact with a Union Representative anytime that you are involved in an incident in which your actions could be scrutinized by any internal and/or external investigative entities. Federal law and our Collective Bargaining Agreement (not to mention the 5th Amendment) afford protection to each employee. No outside agency, to include local, state and federal LEO’s, can compel you to give a statement. The choice to give a statement to an outside agency is solely up to the individual employee. Management officials of CBP, to include BP, can only compel you to give a statement once they have assured you that your statements can only be used administratively, and not criminally. Be wary of those who attempt to coerce you into waiving your rights, as it is almost always done in an effort at protecting the agency, rather than the employee. The Union and its legal staff will ensure that your rights are always protected. If you find yourself in need of Union and/or legal assistance by one of our attorneys, contact a Union Representative immediately.